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2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Setup

Reduce the risk of compromise to your Crowfall account by enabling 2 Factor verification (2FA).

Step 1

Download a mobile authenticator application on your device. You are allowed to use any RFC 6238 Time-Based One-Time Password Application.

Suggested Applications:

Google Authenticator iOS | Android

Authy iOS | Android

1Password iOS | Android

Microsoft Authenticator Windows Phone

Step 2

Within your application either enter the secret code or using the built in QR Code reader scan the image below.

Your Secret Code (case sensitive) is:


If you are entering the code manually, please be sure to select "Time based" rather than "Counter based."

Step 3

Enter your code below to confirm everything is setup correctly

*Once Confirmed the authenticator code will be required on every login.

Your Account is Secured with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

It is recommended that you keep 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account. However, if you would like to remove it, you can do so here. You will need your current password and your current 2FA code. After submission, you will receive an email at the email address where you registered your Crowfall account. Inside will be a link that will remove 2FA from your account.

2 Factor Authentication has successfully been removed from your account.


Transaction History

Date Amount Tax Purchased Status Receipt
{{txn.date_updated_formatted}} {{}} {{}} PendingCompletedFailedCharged ReceiptReceipt (Pending)
No transactions are present on this account.

Backer Rewards

Item/Bundle on Layaway

Reward Name Amount
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Backer Rewards

Backer Rewards are acquired through supporting Crowfall.

Some rewards may be gifted to another account or consumed for bundle contents.

Once consumed, a reward may not be restored.

Reward Name Reward Description Count Giftable Consumable Redeemable
{{}} {{entitlement.description}} {{entitlement.count}}
Item has been claimed in game.
No entitlements are present on this account.

Consumed Rewards History

Reward Description Date Consumed Granted
{{}} {{entitlement.description}} {{entitlement.date_consumed | date}}
  • {{}}
No entitlements are present on this account.

Reward Gifting


Gifting allows you to send rewards to other accounts. In order to gift both you and the recipient must have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Enabled.

Rewards Available for Gifting

Reward Amount Available Amount to Gift Action
{{}} {{e.count}} Gift {{amountToGift}} to an Account
No Rewards are available for gifting.

Gifts Pending for You:

Name Amount Date Gifted From Action
{{}} {{e.quantity}} {{e.date_created | date}} {{e.username}} Accept Reject
There are no gifts pending for you.

Gifting History

Name Amount Date Gifted Date Accepted Status Type Account
{{}} {{e.quantity}} {{e.date_created | date}} {{e.status == 'accepted' ? e.date_modified : '' | date}} {{e.status}} {{e.direction}} {{e.direction === 'sent' ? e.username : e.source_username}}
There are no prior gifts.

Code Redemption

Account Codes for Backer Rewards

You have entered an invalid code. Please try again. If you are certain your code is valid and there is an error please email your account username and code to

The code you have entered has already been claimed. Please confirm the code you are entering and check your Backer Rewards to ensure you do not already have your claim. If you need any additional assistance please send your code and username to

Enter the code you received here and it will be applied to your account.

You are about to claim {{code.description}} on this account. Once claimed you cannot use the code again.

You have successfully redeemed a code for {{code.description}}. You may look at your Backer Rewards at any time to see everything you have claimed on your account.

Forum Badges

Forum Badges

If you've earned forum badges as a backer reward, you can select here which one you'd like to display on the forum. Currently there is only a single badge slot available, but later we will be adding the ability to display more. The image below shows how your badge will appear on the forums. If you'd like to clear your badge, select the "no badge" icon and click "Save Changes."

Choose a new Badge below and then click on Save Changes.

Select a Forum Badge

Manage Wallet

Manage Your Wallet

Here you can see your current wallet funds and purchase additional funds through the store.

Current Funds {{currentFunds | currency}}

Add Additional Funds

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