ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. Data Transfer and Data Sharing

Detailed information on the transmission of personal data to a third-party - consent

  1. Provision of Crowfall
    In order to use the game "Crowfall" and participate in the game, it is necessary to transmit data beyond national borders and to justify the same. The idea of the game and the special characteristic of Crowfall is the global "gaming experience". The player is able to compete and communicate with players from all around the world. It is therefore absolutely essential, including for technical reasons, that user data are handled via various international servers, in order to provide the global game world.
    In the following, we wish to comprehensively and transparently inform the user about the transfer and processing of the affected personal data and remind the user of their existing right of revocation. By accepting and activating the check boxes in the registration process, the user expressly consents to the transfer and sharing of data. Without providing this consent and without the possibility of transferring and sharing data, participation is not possible, nor is provision of the game from a technical perspective.

  2. Purpose of data processing
    In order to use the game Crowfall and participate in the game, it is necessary for the partners indicated under Section 3 to transmit and process the personal data provided by the customer. We cooperate with the partners due to the fact that we offer a game that enables players to interact and communicate with each other across national borders. It would not be possible for us to offer this global gaming experience alone.

  3. Involved partners – data protection and data security
    ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc., Austin (Texas), USA, is the developer of the Crowfall and therefore closely cooperates with the partners named below. ArtCraft Entertainment is also the operator of the game servers that process data in order to make the game available. These servers are also used to host the game worlds, as well as to compile the game data of participating players, in order to be able to realize the shared, global gaming experience. Only game data and personal data stipulated under point 4 are processed using this system; other personal data, especially payment data, are processed on ArtCraft Entertainment's account servers. ArtCraft Entertainment and its carefully selected service providers have exclusive access to these account servers.
    More information about ArtCraft Entertainment can be found at
    ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. would therefore like to introduce the partners involved in the provision of the game and explain their roles in the process. We consider the protection and security of personal data processed for the registration and provision of the game to be highly important. For this reason, we take measures to protect the data in each phase.

    a. Cooperation with Travian Games
    As the publisher of Crowfall in western Europe, Brazil and MENA, Travian Games based in Munich, Germany is responsible for data processing in their service region. Like ArtCraft Entertainment, Travian Games is a publisher of online and video games, which offers Crowfall and thereby enables the global gaming experience for Crowfall in cooperation with ArtCraft. In order to be able to provide the game in its intended form and to facilitate the shared game experience with players from the regions named above, however, it is necessary for us to share the game data with them. Without this shared use, it would not be possible to provide the game in its form and to enable interaction with international players.

    b. Cooperation with Software Sandbox
    ArtCraft Entertaintment, Inc. also works closely with the Austin (Texas), USA-based company Software Sandbox, which provides us with the technical portal used for the provision of Crowfall. We have signed standard US contractual clauses on data protection with Software Sandbox in order to safeguard an appropriate level of data protection. We alone are permitted to access the system. Software Sandbox may access our data only for the purposes of maintenance work; for this reason, we consider it prudent and necessary to secure such access by means of the above-mentioned standard contractual clauses. We consider the protection of the personal data of our players to be particularly important, and we take all conceivable security measures, both internally and in relation to our partners, in order to ensure their protection.

  4. Processed personal data and data categories
    We would like to briefly explain which data and data categories are processed on which of our servers and where the consent of the user applies. The following data categories are affected by data transmission and the shared use of data for the provision of the game:

    • Username
    • Password in encrypted form
    • Email address in alienated form
    • Registration date
    • Display name in the game
    • Purchased goods and game services in the web shop
    • Transaction history of goods in the game
    • Telemetry data
  5. Additional information
    You can find additional detailed information about your above-mentioned rights, other matters of data protection and the data protection measures we have taken in the extensive privacy policy at

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