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Reminder: Crowfall has not launched yet and is currently in testing.

That means the game will have bugs (finding and fixing them is why we test), and that not all the skills, features and content are in yet.

Thank you for purchasing Crowfall!

Note that these are two separate downloads. This means there will be two separate patchers that will lead to, in effect, two different universes. The skills, items, and characters present in one will not transfer to the other. This also means your pledge rewards can only be used in one or the other (though we do reward resets every so often).

If you do choose to download both the LIVE and TEST versions of the game, please put the installers in separate, clearly labeled folders (CrowfallLIVE and CrowfallTEST) to avoid any possible confusion.


The LIVE environment is where you’ll find the game up 24/7. It includes all the regular features: the Skill tree, Eternal Kingdoms, and Campaign Worlds. LIVE represents the more polished version of the game. This environment will be updated less frequently, but will also be subject to fewer bugs and outages than the TEST environment.

If you want a more stable, 24/7 experience, play the LIVE environment.



The TEST environment is as its name suggests: this is the rougher version where the new features will appear first. You’ll see more frequent patches, but they’ll also be in a more unrefined state than the patches for the LIVE environment – just perfect for all your bug- seeking thrills. You should also expect more resets here, and when this happens access will restart with Pre-Alpha 1, then Pre-Alpha 2, and so on. The TESTING environment’s schedule will be in flux; we’ll likely bring it up whenever we have a new patch that needs a larger frame of testing than we can provide in the office.

If you’re okay with a more unpredictable playing experience and want to be on the front lines of testing the newest features, use the TEST environment.


As always, if you ever have questions or encounter problems, don’t hesitate to email us at

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Optional Download: Microsoft redistributable Visual C++ Library files

If you are not seeing particles in game, it probably means that you need to download and run this executable (Microsoft redistributable Visual C++ Libraries).

Download C++ Libraries

The Crowfall patcher client download is for authorized users only.

You can buy an early access package in the store

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